ExQor DuoThera

  • DuoThera(tm) is a new & unique standalone or complementary photonic medicine solution. The patent pending platform extends ExQor's core mission of innovation in central nervous system therapeutics.

  • CNS cancer cells, damaged neurons, regulatory organs in the brain that control diabetes and psychiatric illness, plaques associated with Alzheimer's, and DNA are some CNS conditions and elements known to be responsive to light or to light-assisted drug therapies.

  • Almost all current photonic medical solutions for the CNS are invasive and/or rely on exogenous light sources. But ExQor DuoThera is a totally self contained, well tolerated photonic solution for use in the CNS and elsewhere in the body

  • ExQor's DuoThera system also can combine non-invasive large and small drug transport to the brain with non-toxic and non-invasive photonic transport. The result is a new dimension in CNS therapeutics and diagnostics.

  • DuoThera can provide an increase in drug delivery and/or efficacy as well as offering new therapeutic targets in the CNS. A complete payload including macromolecule CNS drug cargo and DuoThera photonics can be 50nm or smaller in size, allowing new molecular level solutions.

  • DuoThera CNS applications can range from standalone, nanoscale, in vivo solutions such as CNS cancer cell ablation, or used in conjunction with CNS therapeutic and diagnostic agents, such as treating CNS cancer with photodynamic therapy, among other photonic medicine applications.

  • ExQor's photonic bio-nanotechnology also non-invasively crosses an intact blood brain barrier and enters CNS cells, just like its patented CNS drug transporter.