A Non-Invasive CNS Drug Transporter



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ExQor’s value proposition is twofold:

1. ExQor’s bio-engineered and multi-patented bio-nanoparticle transporter is capable of non-invasively transporting different types of large or small molecule drugs past an intact blood brain barrier in quantity, and targeting the drugs to different brain regions, even to specific brain cell types.

For example, in vivo results show that ExQor’s transporter is 300 times more effective in delivering large molecule antibodies to the CNS than any other drug delivery method. The transporter has a robust ability for functionalization, and can simultaneously carry multiple types of drug cargo.

In addition to being non-invasive, ExQor’s transporter is non-immunogenic and non-toxic.

2. ExQor is offering drug makers around the world a potent platform for bringing forward in time novel applications that are currently not considered feasible.

If the goal is achieving better and earlier diagnoses and treatment of CNS disorders, then pharmas now have the freedom to think “outside the box” and thereby rebuild and replenish their various CNS pipelines with new and unique products that fulfill these unmet medical needs.

Large, and small, molecule drug payloads of most any type can now be precisely targeted by the multi-patented ExQor transporter to the brain, which uses a non-antigenic, non-toxic, non-immunogenic self-assembling protein.


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