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ExQor is developing a range of non-invasive, CNS healthcare solutions.

ExQor is using its multi-patented bio-nanoparticle to develop a new drug to prevent neurodegeneration and to spur both disease resistance and cell growth. The development is NIH funded.

ExQor is also using its multi-patented bio-nanoparticle to develop a new drug to treat CNS metastases.

ExQor’s multi-patented bio-nanoparticle is natively capable of non-invasively transporting different types of large or small molecule drugs across an intact blood brain barrier and also across cell membranes, and delivering the drugs in efficacious concentration.

Other nanoparticles require the use of additional agents like antibodies for crossing the blood brain barrier. But antibody agents in doses sufficient for use in humans can cause serious side effects. ExQor's bio-nanoparticle does not require use of antibodies nor anything else to cross and thus does not have this side effect problem.

ExQor’s bio-nanoparticle can target drugs to different brain regions including to specific brain cell types. In addition to being inherently non-invasive ExQor's bio-nanoparticle is non-immunogenic and non-toxic.

In vivo results show that ExQor’s bio-nanoparticle is up to 300 times more effective in delivering large molecule drugs to the CNS than any other drug delivery method. ExQor's bio-nanoparticle has a robust functionalization capability, and can simultaneously carry multiple types of drug cargo.

ExQor is also offering drug makers its patented transporter technology for developing their own new CNS drugs. By using ExQor's bio-nanoparticle Pharmas can rebuild and replenish their CNS pipelines with new and unique products for unmet medical needs.


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